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Silicone Pipes

Silicone Pipes

Silicone pipes are popular for their advantage of not being able to be broken easily and they can be moulded in different shapes as they are easy to work with. Here at Beefy’s bongs, we offer some of the best selected silicone pipes, which provide you with high-quality toke like glass ones.

Silicone Ice Cream Cone Pipe
This colourful ice cream design brings you lots of joy by just looking at it! It is an excellent smoking device as it is durable, easy to hold and take with you on trips.

Beehive Silicone Pipe
This beehive design silicone pipe is a portable quality piece which brighten up your day with fashionable single or mixed colours. There is a secret compartment for storage and a dab tool stored on the back of the pipe. A honeybee on the front of pipe provides a little highlight of your enjoyment!