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Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers have evolved over the last decade in leaps and bounds, you now have more choice than ever before. You now have the choice of what your paper is made from such as the following; hemp, flax and rice to name a few. Along with the option to choose papers without the following nasty substances such as bleach and chalk. You are now spoiled for choice, you are able to choose an all natural hemp paper that contains nothing but hemp and an all-natural plant based gum. Along with the addition of pre rolled papers (cones) that also give you the full variety of sizes and materials, from plain hemp to flavoured papers. Flavoured papers are now a massive industry with over 30+ flavours to choose from.

The latest addition are hemp wraps, the come in both flavoured and natural un-flavoured varieties from a multitude of brands. They are a great substitute to tobacco wraps as they contain no nicotine. They are also available as pre rolled cones.

We stock many great brands such as; RAW, Elements, OCB, Zig Zag, Rizla, Juicy Jays, Skunk and Jware to name a few.