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Payment Options

Direct / Bank Deposit:

Our payment options currently include payment through online banking and direct deposit (Commonwealth Bank Australia).

If you are paying from Commbank*, Osko or any similar service the payment is generally received instantly.

You will receive our bank account details upon completion of your order.

The time it takes us to receive the payment depends on whom you bank with and unfortunately we have no control over this.

Our checkout page is very secure being Level 1 PCI compliant and also 128 bit encryption server SSL.

*Commbank can sometimes take up to 24 hours to complete the transfer.


We are able to accept PayID/Osko payments and these services will generally process the payment instantly. The PayID number is provided once you have placed an order.


Unfortunately, we are unable to accept PayPal payments due to their terms and conditions. No one in our industry in Australia are allowed to accept PayPal and if they are they are breaking PayPal's terms and conditions.*

Credit Cards:

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept credit cards payments due to their terms and conditions.*

We are working on adding new payment options but due to the nature of our site it is quite difficult.

*This is not our choice and we would like to be able to accept both PayPal and credit card payments. Although it is not an option at this time and will be implemented as soon as it becomes available to us.


It is “EXTREMELY” important that you put something in the payment reference so we are able to match your payment to your order, many payments do not have a name attached to the payment.

Failure to do so will cause a delay in your order.

Please do not use the following payment references:



Order id

Fnds trns


Our bank numbers



As you can see these references will not allow us to match your payment to any order. 

*Do not put what product you have ordered as many others may have also ordered the same product.


Acceptable references:

Your order ID: example 123456

Your name as used on the order: example Jon Smith


*VERY IMPORTANT* You need to use a reference that allows us to match your payment to your order. Failing to do so will cause delays in receiving your order.