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Order Status

Order status

Awaiting Payment:

We have not received payment or a notification of payment. 


We have been informed of your payment and are preparing your order. At this stage, we still have not received your payment. Although your order is prepared and will be shipped as soon as the payment has been received.

Awaiting Fulfilment:

Your payment has been received and we are working on preparing your order and having it shipped at the next available cycle.

This is as far as your order can progress outside of business hours, as we need to physically pick your order to proceed to the next step.

Partially Shipped:

Your order has been prepared and will be shipped in the next available cycle. This is a placeholder for orders that were received to late to be shipped on that particular day.

Awaiting Shipment:

Your order has been prepared and will be shipped in the next available cycle. This is generally the same day if you receive this status update before 1pm for Air and 3pm for road freight.


Your order has been shipped, please check your email for a separate email from the courier that will include your tracking details. Please check all spam/junk folders before contacting us regarding tracking details.

If you have received a "Shipped" email, your order has physically been picked up by the courier and is en route to its destination, we mark orders as shipped after they have been collected by the courier, which is generally around 5-6pm.

Manual Verification Required:

If you have received a "Manual Verification Required" email, this indicates your order has been flagged for the customer to provide proof of age, we can only accept government issued forms of identification. The ID details 'MUST' match the order.

If your order status is "Manual Verification Required" you will need to send us a copy of government issued form of ID proving you are over the age of 18. Your order will not be processed until we have received your ID. Please see our Terms and conditions section 19.9 and 19.10 for further details.

 Once we have requested "proof of age" it is compulsory to provide us with this information to receive either your order or a refund, minus any administration fees that may be associated with the refund.

*Please note if you have paid or emailed your receipt and the status is still not updated, this is because we have to manually update the order status and this is only done during business hours.