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What Is A Gravity Bong? How Do You Make One?

Posted by John Thomas on

Are you looking for the most intense smoking experience for your legal dry herbs? Put down that joint or beug, and get yourself a gravity bong. Gravity bongs deliver massive hits that leave your lungs bursting at the seams, delivering as smoke as possible.

If you thought a huge rip out of a three-foot water pipe was badass, wait until you experience the lung-busting power of the gravity bong.

Like most beugs, you have the option of buying a pre-manufactured glass piece, or you can take the good 'ol DIY approach and make yourself one from everyday items you have on hand.

What is the "Gravity Bong?"

The gravity bong has a unique design compared to the traditional beaker beug or straight bong. GB's force the optimal burning of your legal dry herbs at a slower rate than you get from taking a rip through a conventional bong.

The result is a dense, heavy plume of terpene-rich smoke that's ready for a deep, dank rip. With a decent bowl packed on a gravity bong, you can consume an entire 0.25 to 0.5-grams in a single hit or as much as a decent-sized joint.

So, if you're new to blazing legal dry herbs, the gravity bong will likely leave you spluttering, choking, coughing, and gasping for air. Sounds fantastic, right?

How Does It Work and Can I Make a Gravity Bong At Home?

Gravity bongs only really entered the market as finished glass pieces from glassworks over the last five to ten years. Before the introduction of the GB, most smokers would just make one out of common household items.

Back in the day, people would refer to the art of a homemade gravity bong as "smoking buckets." You take a Gatorade bottle or larger plastic beverage container and cut the bottom out using a sharp box cutter knife, pair of scissors, or whatever you have on hand.

Take a plastic bucket you use for mopping the floor and fill it with water. Cut a cone or bowl into the plastic container's lid, and fill it with your favourite legal dry herbs.

Next, place the plastic bottle into the water and submerge the body all the way to the top, keeping the herbs and cone out of the water. Light the herbs with your torch, and slowly draw the base of the bottle up to the waterline, ensuring you keep the bottom submerged at all times.

As you pull the bottle up, the negative pressure pulls the smoke into the body of the bottle. Remove the cone/cap place your mouth over the top of the opening. Press the bottle down into the water to push the smoke into your mouth and down the hatch.

What are the Benefits of Harnessing the Power of the Gravity Bong"

Easy Rips

The GB allows for easy rips. Push the bottle down into the water, and it forces the smoke down, deep into the lungs, without hardly any effort required.

Complete Combustion

You draw the bottle up slowly, ensuring you get complete combustion of the herbs and less waste than conventional bongs.

Thick Clouds

The slower the draw on the bottle, the thicker and richer the smoke.

Ultimate Control

You have complete control over the draw. Adjust your pulling speed at will to accommodate effective and efficient combustion of the legal herbs.

Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe?

While thousands of people use this DIY method every day, all around the globe, it's probably not the best choice for your health.

The phytoestrogens and PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) in the plastic can release under intense heat, entering the smoke and your lungs.

Should I Invest in a Gravity Bong from a Leading Brand?

Smoking a gravity bong is a lot of fun, and it's a great way to enjoy an evening with your mates while playing video games or watching a good flick. There are so many ways to make a gravity bong, and you can even use the pool for the water base if you don't have a bucket or container.

However, we're not too keen on smoking through plastic bottles of any kind. Whether it's a DIY gravity bong or gatorbeug, smoking through plastic just isn't good for your health. So, save your lungs and do yourself a favour by purchasing a glass piece instead of making a DIY GB.

There are several gravity bong designs from leading glassworks around the globe, and all of them offer you an improvement over the DIY smoking experience. A professionally designed gravity bong helps you get the best performance out of this type of smoking setup, and you'll find it even more pleasurable than the DIY version.

Plus, why go to the hassle of hunting down materials and cutting them up to make the bong? With a professional model, you just add the herbs and let gravity do the work.

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