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I am under 18 years of age, can I make an order?

If you are underage you will receive neither your order or a refund. Your payment will be donated to a charity of our choosing.

You must not order any restricted products on behalf of a person that is not eligible to purchase the restricted goods themselves.

Be prepared to send us a copy of your 'Government issued' ID.

Do you have a storefront I can visit?

No we are an online only store, all products available are on our website.

Delivery Times

Approximate delivery/shipping times can be found at the bottom of the shipping page. Which can be found here.

How should I treat my glass?

Like a wine glass, delicately.

All glass can and will break and should all be handled accordingly.


Our prices are all inclusive of GST

Trading Hours

We are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Customer Support 9 am to 4 pm.

We are unable to respond to emails outside of these hours.

Order statuses will not be updated outside of these hours.

We are closed weekends and public holidays.

Change of Mind

We do not accept change of mind on any products. This is a hygiene issue.

If you are unsure about what products you need, please contact us to discuss the issue prior to making a purchase.


Prompt delivery to all over Australia. Size of the package and location will determine the time it takes for you to receive package. We use a range of delivery options to suit every location.
*We only ship within Australia, no international orders.

Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers will be emailed to you by the courier company, please check your junk/spam folder if you have not received a tracking number by the late afternoon.

Please do not email us asking us for tracking numbers until 24 hours has passed, it can sometimes take a while for the courier company to populate the tracking numbers by email.

All orders will have a tracking number.

Why haven't I received my tracking details?

There are only two reasons stopping you from receiving your tracking details.

1. The email address supplied on the order is incorrect or there is a spelling mistake. (Please note we only send tracking details to the email address supplied on the order. We do not supply tracking details to any other email address.)

2. The tracking email has gone to your spam/junk folder. Please check these folders if you have not received tacking details.

Tracking is supplied directly from the courier companies and not from us and is an automated service.

Discreet Packaging

Be assured that all packages are discreet in plain packaging and with a return address that does not include our company’s name.

There are no mention of the parcels contents.

Orders are sent in either a courier satchel, box or wrapped in black pallet wrapping. All with some form of fragile marking, either tape or stickers.

Insurance Guarantee

We offer piece of mind in the event that a parcel is lost that we will replace those items at no cost to you. All orders have a tracking number. If you require the tracking number please contact us and we will be more than happy to supply it.

We 'Strongly' suggest not having expensive glass delivered to "PO Boxes and Parcel Lockers", Auspost will not cover fragile products with their insurance. Beefy's will only provide a 50% store credit for breakages with Australia post deliveries.

Signature on Delivery

All orders are sent with signature on delivery.

If you give ‘Authority to Leave’ this may include any instructions for the parcel to be left anywhere on your property, you then become solely responsible for the parcel once it has left the courier. Beefy’s Bongs will not be held accountable for the outcome of any such instances.

Damaged Order

In the event of your order being damaged or incorrect or missing. Please contact us promptly to discuss your concerns. You will need to forward a photo of the unused item within 48 hour window for a full refund or replacement.

Item must be in an 'unused' condition.

Please provide 'photographic' evidence of the damage in your first email, this saves time in getting your replacement sent out. If there are no photo's of the damaged goods we are unable to process the claim.

Please provide clear well lit photographs, a light source behind glass products will provide best results. Blurry, dim or poorly lit images will NOT be accepted.

*We need a clear photograph of the problem area and also a photograph of the complete product. This includes all included accessories, bowls, stems etc.*


Keep all of the original packaging and include a photograph(s) of the damaged packaging, this is compulsory.

If you claim a stem was broken during transit, only the exact same length will be provided as a replacement. If you order the wrong length, DO NOT break it and claim it broke during transit as you will not be supplied any other length except what was originally ordered. This also stands for any lengths and sizes of any product.

If you have used the product/s you have agreed that they are acceptable quality and you will no longer be able to make a claim.

What happens if my order is return to sender?

If your parcel is marked as return to sender due to incorrect address, refusal, not known at address etc. a fee of $10.00* will be incurred. You will also have to repay the shipping fee** again, if you would still like your order to be delivered again.

*This is to cover the return fee we are charged by the freight companies, or the fee the freight company is charging at that time.

**If you paid a subsidised shipping rate, you will have to pay the actual shipping rate on the second delivery as we have already lost money to ship your first order. Flat rate and express shipping are both subsidised (reduced) in price by us.

***If you would like a refund instead of us re-sending your order, you are responsible for all of the associated fee's, this includes the full cost of the original shipping and insurance, the cost we are charged by the freight company to return the parcel to us and if it was sent with Startrack and the item was carded and taken to the Post office the $9+ carded fee that we are charged will also be the responsibility of the customer. All associated costs will be removed from the refund.

Personal Information

We require your first and last name.
Email address and phone number.
All to be valid and correct information for the purpose of prompt delivery and in the event that either ourselves or the courier (postal provider) need to contact you regarding your order. We do not give out personal information only for the purpose of delivery to the chosen postal provider.

Secure Site

All orders made on this site take place over an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection.
SSL technology is used to prevent personal information from being intercepted while it is transmitted through the internet.


We are no longer accepting returns, this is due to the fact many returns had been clearly used before returning the products.

Please make sure you order the correct product, including length and size.

If you have any questions please discuss them with us prior to ordering.


Claims are subject to the proper care and use in agreement with the instruction manual sent with the product. Claims can be facilitated by Beefy’s with the respective manufacturer. At their discretion goods can be replaced or credited at no extra charge. In the event of damage caused by misuse, accident or negligence or normal wear and tear warranty will not apply.

Broken products including percolators are not covered by warranty. Products will not simply break from normal use.

Incorrect or Damaged Goods

All products are checked and carefully packaged. If your item is faulty or unsatisfactory please contact us promptly.

There is an item missing from my order

Please make sure you check absolutely every piece of packaging before contacting us. All of our orders are checked and signed off by two staff members before posting. Not saying it cannot happen it is just very rare for us to miss any products in your order.


If you still believe something is missing from your order, please contact us. Any forms of aggression or demands will be ignored.

I have a problem with my order

If you have a problem with your order, please use the contact form that can be found here or email us at

Please do not use Facebook to contact us regarding any problems, replies will be much slower and we will then continue communication through email.

Faulty Products

Faulty products will need to be returned to us for testing, the responsibility of the return postage costs is up to the purchaser. There may be a partial refund of the postage costs if the product is found to be faulty. Refunds or store credits given for faulty products me be reduced depending on how long you have owned and used the product. If the product is found to be not faulty you are solely responsible for the postage costs in both directions.
Faulty Products may be replaced or you may be given a store credit or refund. If you would like a refund you will need to return the faulty product to us and either us or the manufacturer will determine whether or not the product is faulty. If the product is deemed faulty we will issue a refund minus a percentage of the product value depending on how long you have used the product for and a partial refund of the return postage costs. If the product is deemed not faulty by either the manufacturer or us, you are responsible for postage costs in both directions.
Please refer to section 7.3 (a) of our terms and conditions before returning any products back to us.

Faulty products must be reported to us with photographic evidence before the product has been used and within 48 hours of delivery. As it will most likely need to be returned for testing. Used products cannot be returned to us under any circumstances. 

Item must be in an 'unused' condition.

If you have used the product/s you have agreed that they are acceptable quality and you will no longer be able to make a claim.

Please provide 'photographic' evidence of the damage in your first email, this saves time in getting your replacement sent out. If there are no photo's of the damaged goods we are unable to process the claim.

Please provide clear well lit photographs, a light source behind glass products will provide best results. Blurry, dim or poorly lit images will NOT be accepted.

*We need a clear photograph of the problem area and also a photograph of the complete product. This includes all included accessories, bowls, stems etc.*

Spare Parts

Stems – We try and keep stock of most stems of bongs that we carry, if you do not see it on the site please email us and we should be able to help you out.

Minimum order Value

$10 AUD

Are the products you sell genuine?

Yes, every single product we sell is 100% genuine. Our products are purchased either directly from the manufacturer or through an authorized distributor.

Glass Stems

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to measure, choose and order the correct stem length. All stem measurements on product pages are approximate and measurements should be made by the customer before ordering replacement stems. Please use our stem measuring guide on our blog, which can be found here.

The majority of the stems we stock are pre-cut from our suppliers. We do measure them before shipping them out although there may be slight variances of a couple of mm in either direction. Example if you order a 12 cm stem you may be supplied with an 11.8 or 12.2 cm stem and you should take this in to account when ordering a new stem.

Ground Joints - Glass

My glass joint has movement is this normal?

Yes it is completely normal for ground joints to have movement, especially when mixing different parts from different brands.

Free Stickers

We do not offer free stickers, our stickers start at 95 cents and can be found here.

We are sometimes supplied stickers from our suppliers, these stickers are allocated for customers who purchase those specific products.

Can I clean my glassware with boiling water?

No, we strongly suggest you do not use boiling water to clean your products. Thermal shock is very real.

We suggest not using different temperatures while cleaning your products. Never use hot water and rinse with cold water or vice versa.

I cannot add a product to my cart, why?

If there is no "ADD TO CART" button and only an "ADD TO WISHLIST" button this indicates that particular item is out of stock.

We could be waiting for more stock to arrive or our supplier to restock, before we are able to reorder.

I would like to cancel my order

There are a couple of scenarios for this question.

We have not packed your order, it is fine we can simply cancel your order.

If your order has been packed/prepared, we can cancel your order although there will be $10 removed from your refund to cover staff costs of packing and unpacking the order. This excludes some 'Air' satchels, where we use prepaid satchels, in this case we will remove the cost of the satchel and the $10 unpacking fee from your refund.

 Can I swap the original bowl or stem that comes with the product I have ordered?

No, if you do not like the bowl or stem that comes with a product. Please order a suitable product or spare part that you would prefer.

We are unable to swap out any of the standard parts supplied with any products.

Are all measurements and specifications exact?

Simple answer is no. We rely on our suppliers to provide specifications and in the event they do not, we are only able to supply approximate measurements. We do not manufacture anything ourselves. The majority of the products on our website are hand made and they will ALL have differences to the measurements provided. Beefy's will not be held responsible for any inconsistency in manufacturers stated measurements.

Are there any variances between the images supplied and the product that I will receive?

All glass products that are listed in our store are hand made and there may be slight variances between each product. There may be slight variations for example, between the bowl you receive and the product images. Sometimes stems are supplied without a logo even if the product image may show a logo. We try our best to stay on top of these changes, although please be aware of the issue.

Sometimes suppliers change the packaging of products and this should be expected.


Refunds will incur a $10 or 10% surcharge, whichever is greater, this is to cover staff costs involved in transferring payments and communication for said refund.

If the refund is issued because of an issue that is our fault, no charges will occur. 


(NOTE): Beefy’s Bongs reserves the right to amend this returns policy at any time by detailing the amended terms on this page.

Beefy’s Bongs and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse a return for any reason.