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Dabbing Tools

Dabbing Tools

A dabbing tool also known as a dabber is an object that is generally the shape of a small rod with either one different shaped end or a different shape tool on each end. Dabbers are made from many different materials such as glass, quartz and the most popular two are the stainless steel and titanium varsities. A dab tool is used to pick up legal concentrates, the shape of the end of the dabbing tool is what dictates what concentrates that you will be able to pick up with the tool. Runny or loose extracts will require a spoon or shovel type end so you can scoop up the concentrates, while drier products can be picked up with the sharper pick styled ends. Dabbing tools come in many different shapes and sizes, there are the standard shapes along with the very create options like the titanium swords and artistic glass dabbers made by glass artists. They are also available for sale as dabbing tool sets and kits.