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Beefy's Bong Shop Australia stock a large range of glass bongs and accessories. Genuine imported glass. Authorized dealer of RooR, Hi SiHVY, ZOB and Mathematix glass along with many other great brands. We stock a great range of glass products from your standard rubber grommet products to dab rigs. We also offer products to suit everyone's price range, from cheap budget bongs to high end products sourced from around the globe.

Bongs come in many different shapes and styles, some of the most popular styles are beaker bongs and percolator bongs. Dab rigs are also a popular choice gaining traction in the last couple of years with the introduction to concentrates. We stock a large range of bongs with percolators such as Honeycomb percs, Tree Arm percs, UFO, Spiral, Matrix and Showerhead percolators.

How to choose the right Bong?
If you need help in how to choose the correct bong for you, please check out our comprehensive guide "Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bong" here.