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Ash Catchers

Ash Catchers

Ash Catchers, also known as pre-coolers are an add on accessory that help trap ash and tar before entering your bong and in turn this means your bong will stay cleaner for longer. There will still be cleaning involved although it is much quicker and easier to regularly rinse out an ash catcher than it is a bong. The other added benefit to an ash catcher is they also help diffuse the smoke and this will create a cooler and smoother end result.

Ash catchers come in many shapes and styles, there are 14mm and 18mm ground joint verities along with different glass joint angles such as the typical 45° and 90° versions. There are many different styles of percolated ash catchers and they are also available as a dry ash catcher.

If you need help choosing the best ash catcher for you, please have a read of our Ash Catcher guide available here.